Slovak plastic caps

As a young child, I tended to collect various things I found outside on ground. I got to collect the caps by accident. In the yard, I fired plastic PET bottle caps by jumping on the bottles. The caps quickly disappeared, so I looked for more and more. It was in September 2006. I was thrilled with the different design, variety and colours of caps. I started collecting and storing them everywhere, and as different species grew, I started to enjoy it a lot. However, I did not find any other collectors of PET caps on the Internet. However, I found collectors of beer crown caps, and their collector’s meetings. So I started to collect crown caps and I gradually stopped collecting PET caps. I only postponed the Slovak caps and I definitely stopped around 2015.

I had the original pretty decent collection of about 1,200 types of PET caps. I kept only the Slovak plastic caps, which I like to present here. I even have many plastic caps from the very beginnings of PET bottles. They’re about as old as me. They remind me of my childhood, experiences and the time when there were still a lot more diverse plastic caps in stores than today, which is a shame. Perhaps more people will gradually discover their great collecting potential.

Collection of Slovak plastic caps from period 1990-2015